Beeswax Wraps

Individual Beeswax Wraps

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Individual Beeswax Wraps
Individual Beeswax Wraps
Individual Beeswax Wraps
Individual Beeswax Wraps
Individual Beeswax Wraps
Individual Beeswax Wraps

Individual Wraps 

Our wraps let your food breath!

The natural food gases can escape but the oxygen cannot get in, which means your food stays fresher for much longer than you thought possible!

Our Superior Blend 

Our 100% cotton has been lovingly infused with our superior blend of locally sourced beeswax, natural tree gum and Australian organic jojoba oil. These ingredients make easybeesy wraps anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. 

How to care for them

With correct care, your wraps can serve you for up to 12 months.

easybeesy wraps don't like to be near heat sources. When covering leftovers, allow food to cool before covering. Hand wash in cool water or wipe over with a damp cloth then allow to dry before storing ready for their next use.

After a few months of use, your wraps may need to be Refreshed. This is easy and can be done in your oven. Simply cover a tray with baking paper, place your wrap on top and put in an oven for 3 minutes at 100 degrees, or until you see if become shiny and fully melted. This will resettle your wax, ready to continue serving you for many more months. After taking out of the oven, very carefully pick up your wrap and wave gently in the air to allow the wax to cool, easybeesy!

*** We cannot ensure wrap patterns in photos are available. Please choose from our colour combo options***

The Small  cover your half a lemon, tomato or onion. It is also excellent in covering glasses, jars and wine bottles. 16 x 16cm 

The Medium - cover your cheese, half an avocado (say hello to no more wasted avos!) and bowls. 24 x 24cm 

The Large - cover a piece of pumpkin, melon, cabbage or a plate. 32 x 32cm

The Extra Large - is big and super useful! Cover your loaf of bread, platters, large salad bowls and trays. 48 x 48cm 

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