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Coconut Bristle Scrub Brush

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Coconut Bristle Scrub Brush
Coconut Bristle Scrub Brush

Cleaning will no longer be a chore with our Coconut Bristle Scrub Brush. You'll also not feel guilty throwing it in your compost when it's reached the end of it's life.

Use it for washing dishes, cleaning vegetables or general cleaning around the house.  

The bristles are made from the fibrous husk of coconuts. When wet they become  supple (making them great for the wrist) whilst also remaining abrasive enough to clean. These coconut fibres, cocos nucifera also have antibacterial qualities, another reason they're a much better alternative to plastic scrub brushes. 

After use, give your brush a quick tap on the side of your wash basin to remove any particles and allow to dry until you need it again - easybeesy!

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